Simulation and visualization on the grid : Parallelldatorcentrum, Kungl Tekniska Högskolan, seventh annual conference, Stockholm, Sweden, December 1999 : proceedings / Björn Engquist,Lennart Johnsson, Michael Hammill, Faith Short (editors) - First Edition - xiii, 300 pages : illustration (some colors) ; 15 x 23 cm. - Lecture notes in computational science and engineering ; 13 .

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Efficient Distributed File I/O for Visualization in Grid Environments -- Performance Enhancements for HPVM in Multi-Network and Heterogeneous Hardware -- JACO3: A CORBA Software Infrastructure for Distributed Numerical Simulation -- New Generalized Data Structures for Matrices Lead to a Variety of High-Performance Algorithms -- Technologies for High-performance Computing in the Next Millennium.

Today's Internet continues to develop at an exponential rate that even surpasses that of computing and storage technologies. About five years after being commercialized, it has become as pervasive as the tele­ phone had become 30 years after its initial deployment. In the United States, the size of the Internet industry already exceeds that of the auto industry, which has been in existence for about 100 years.


Computer simulation--Congresses.
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