Townsend, John S.

A modern approach to quantum mechanics / John S. Townsend. - Second edition - xvi, 571 pages : illustrations ; 27 cm.

Includes index.

Stern-Gerlach experiments --
Rotation of basis states and matrix mechanics --
Angular momentum --
Time evolution --
A system of two spin-1/2 particles --
Wave mechanics in one dimension --
The one-dimensional harmonic oscillator --
Path integrals --
Translational and rotational symmetry in the two-body problem --
Bound states of central potentials --
Time-independent perturbations --
Identical particles --
Scattering --
Photons and atoms --
Appendix A Electromagnetic Units --
Appendix B The Addition of Angular Momenta --
Appendix C Dirac Delta Functions --
Appendix D Gaussian Integrals --
Appendix E The Lagrangian for a Charge q in a Magnetic Field --
Appendix F Values of Physical ConstantsAppendixG Answers to Selected.

This book lays out the foundations of quantum mechanics through the physics of intrinsic spin, and is written to serve as the primary textbook for an upper-division course in quantum mechanics.

9781891389788 (alk. paper)


Quantum theory--Textbooks

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