Greiner, Walter

Quantum mechanics / Walter Greiner. - First Edition - xiii, 378 pages : illustration ; 25 cm.

Includes alphabetical index.

Includes bibliographical references.

1. Quantum Theory of Free Electromagnetic Fields -- 2. Interaction of Electromagnetic Fields with Matter -- 3. Noninteracting Fields -- 4. Quantum Fields with Interaction -- 5. Infinities in Quantum Electrodynamics: Renormalization Problems -- 6. Nonrelativistic Quantum Field Theory of Interacting Particles and Its Applications -- 7. Superfluidity -- 8. Pair Correlations Among Fermions and Bosons -- 9. Quasiparticles in Plasmas and Metals: Selected Topics -- 10. Basics of Quantum Statistics -- 11. Structure of Atoms -- 12. Elementary Structure of Molecules -- 13. Feynman's Path Integral Formulation of Schrodinger's Wave Mechanics.

"Quantum Mechanics - Special Chapters is an important additional course for third-year students. Starting with the quantization of a free electromagnetic field and its interaction with matter, it discusses second quantization and interacting quantum fields. After a sketch of renormalization problems and a general treatment of nonrelativistic quantum field theory, these methods are applied to problems from solid-state physics and plasma physics: the quantum gas, superfluidity, plasmons, and photons. The book concludes with an introduction to quantum statistics, the structure of atoms and molecules, and the basic ideas behind quantum mechanics as formulated by Feynman path integrals. 75 carefully and fully worked examples and problems consolidate the material."--Jacket.

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Quantum theory
Quantum field theory
Mathematical physics
Teoría cuántica
Teoría del campo cuántico
Física matemática

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