Greiner, Walter, 1935-

Quantum electrodynamics / Walter Greiner and Joachim Reinhardt. - Fourth Edition - xvi, 447 pages : illustration ; 26 cm.

Includes alphabetical index.

Includes bibliographical references.

1. Propagators and Scattering Theory -- 2. The Propagators for Electrons and Positrons -- 3. Quantum-Electrodynamical Processes -- 4. Summary: The Feynman Rules of QED -- 5. The Scattering Matrix in Higher Orders -- 6. Two-Particle Systems -- 7. Quantum Electrodynamics of Strong Fields -- 8. Quantum Electrodynamics of Spinless Bosons.

This textbook on Quantum Electrodynamics is a thorough introductory text providing all necessary mathematical tools together with many examples and worked problems. In their presentation of the subject the authors adopt a heuristic approach based on the propagator formalism. The latter is introduced in the first two chapters in both its nonrelativistic and relativistic versions. Subsequently, a large number of scattering and radiation processes involving electrons, positrons, and photons are introduced and their theoretical treatment is presented in great detail. Higher order processes and renormalization are also included. The book concludes with a discussion of two-particle states and the interaction of spinless bosons. This completely revised and corrected new edition provides several additions to enable deeper insight in formalism and application of quantum electrodynamics.

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Quantum electrodynamics
Quantum theory
Quantum computing
Electrodinámica cuántica
Teoría cuántica
Computación cuántica

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