Ethnomedicinal plants : revitalization of traditional knowledge of herbs / Revitalization of traditional knowledge of herbs editors: Mahendra Rai, Deepak Acharya, Jose Luis Rios. - First Edition - xiv, 504 pages : ill.(some col.), maps (some col.) ; 24 cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

1. Ethnomedicinal plants : progress and the future of drug development / José Luis Ríos -- 2. Spasmolytic effect of constituents from ethnomedicinal plants on smooth muscle / Rosa Martha Perez Gutierrez -- 3. Brazilian ethnomedicinal plants with anti-inflammatory action / José Carlos Tavares Carvalho -- 4. Women's knowledge of herbs used in reproduction in Trinidad and Tobago / Cheryl Lans and Karla Georges -- 5. Medicinal value of polyunsaturated and other fatty acids in ethnobotany / Sabreen F. Fostok, Antonios N. Wehbe, and Rabih S. Talhouk -- 6. Smoke of ethnobotanical plants used in healing ceremonies in Brazilian culture / Raquel de Luna Antonio [and others] -- 7. Traditional medicines as the source of immunomodulators and stimulators and their safety issues / Mahmud Tareq Hassan Khan -- 8. Traditional knowledge about Indian antimicrobial herbs : retrospects and prospects / Deepak Acharya and Mahendra Rai -- 9. Medicinal usefulness of Woodfordia fruticosa (Linn.) Kurz / Shandesh Bhattarai and Dinesh Raj Bhuju -- 10. Chemistry and pharmacology of Azadirachta indica / Rosa Martha Perez Gutierrez -- 11. Ethnomedicine of Quassia and related plants in tropical America / Rafael Ocampo and Gerardo Mora -- 12. An inventory of ethnomedicinal plants used in Tunisia / Borgi Wahida, Mahmoud Amor, and Chouchane Nabil -- 13. Medicinal plants used in folk medicine for digestive diseases in central Spain / M.E. Carretero Accame [and others] -- 14. Traditional medicinal products and their interaction with estrogens receptors : implications for human health / Dieudonné Njamen -- 15. Applications of microarray technology in ethnomedicinal plant research / Mahmoud Youns, Jörg D. Hoheisel, and Thomas Efferth -- 16. Combining ethnobotany and informatics to discover knowledge from data / Jitendra Gaikwad [and others] -- 17. Conservation strategies for ethnomedicinal plants / Arun Rijal.

Presenting recent discoveries on ethnomedicinal plants around the world, this book focuses on evaluating the progress to date as well as the future potential of drug development in ethnomedicine. Eight reviews examine therapeutic applications including the spasmolitic effects of various plants, the anti-inflammatory activity of plants from Brazil and Tunisia, common fertility treatments in Trinidad and Tobago, traditional medicines from Cameroon and their interaction with estrogen receptors, the medicinal plants used in Spain to treat digestion problems, immune-modulators and stimulators from.

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Traditional medicine
Medicinal plants
Medicina tradicional
Plantas medicinales

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