Madigan, Michael T. 1949-

Brock biology of microorganisms / Biology of microorganisms Michael T. Madigan ... [y cuatro más]. - Fourteenth edition - xxiv, 1006 pages : illustration (some colours) ; 29 cm.

includes index.

Microorganism and microbiology -- Microbial cell structure and function -- Microbial metabolism -- Molecular microbiology -- Microbial grown and growth control -- Microbial genomics -- metabolic regulation -- Viruses and virology -- Viral genomes nd diversity -- Genetics og bacteria archaea -- Genetic engineering and beiotechnology -- Microbial evolution and systematics -- Metabolic diversity of microorganisms -- Functional diversity of bacteria -- Diversity of bacteria -- Diversity of archaea -- Diversity of eukaryotic microorganisms -- Methods in microbial ecology -- Microbial ecosystems -- Nutrient cycles -- Microbiology of the buit enviroment -- Microbial symbioses - MIcrobial interactions with humans --- Immunity and host defense -- Immune mechanism -- Molecular immunology -- Diagnostic microbiology -- Epidemiology -- Pearson to person becterial and viral diseases -- Vectorcarbone and soilborne bacterial and viral diseases -- Water and food as vehiclesof bacterial diseases -- Eukaryotic pathogens: fungal and parasitic diseases.

The Fourteenth Edition seamlessly integrates the most current science, paying particular attention to molecular biology and how the genomic revolution has changed and is changing the field. This edition offers a streamlined, modern organization with a consistent level of detail and updated, visually compelling art program. Brock Biology of Microorganisms includes MasteringMicrobiology® , an online homework, tutorial, and assessment product designed to improve results by helping students quickly master concepts both in and outside the classroom.



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