Wistreich, George A.

Microbiology perspectives : a photographic survey of the microbial world / George Wistreich. - Second edition - xxi, 232 pages : ilustraciones ; cm.

Includes index.

Modern imaging techniques -- Bacteriology -- Bacteriology : a survey of the bacteria and archeae domains -- Mycology -- Algology (protists--the algae) -- Protozoology (protists--the protozoa) -- Virology -- Helminthology -- Arthropods and disease -- Immunology.

While caught up in the study of microbiology, it is sometimes easy to limit your view to the things you see in the laboratory. But, microbiology does not just happen in the lab. It happens out in the world." "You will find this broader perspective presented throughout this atlas. In addition to providing you with photographs of all of the microorganisms and experimental results you are likely to encounter in the laboratory, it will expose you to the bigger picture, including the history and tools of microbiology, the paths of disease transmission, and the effects of diseases.

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Microbiological Techniques--Atlases.
Técnicas microbiológicas--Atlas

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