Environmental microbiology / edited by Ralph Mitchell. - First Edition - xi, 411 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. - Wiley series in ecological and applied microbiology .

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Bacteria in the greenhouse: modeling the role of oceanic plankton in the global carbon cycle / Hugh W. Ducklow, M. J. R. Fasham -- Effects of acid deposition on microbial processes in natural waters / Cyntia C. Gimour -- Effect of acid rain soil microbial processes / David D. Myrold, G.E. Nason -- Microbial transport of toxic metals / Tim Ford Ralph Michell -- Transport of pathogens through soils and aquifers / Gabriel Bitton, Ronald W. Harvey -- Detection methods for waterborne pathogens / Ajaib Singh, Gordon A. McFeters -- Control of enteric pathogens in developing countries / S. Cairncross -- Microbial processes in coastal pollution / Douglas G. Capone, James E. Bauer -- Molecular approaches to enviromental management / Betty H. Olson, Yu-Li Tsai -- Innovations in biological processes for pollution control / B. E. Ritmann -- Bioremediation of organic contaminants in the subsurface / E.J. Bouwer -- The importance of genetic exchange in degradation of xenobiotic chemicals / Michael Bayle -- Microbial control of plant diseases / Alex Sivan, Llan Chet -- Composting in the context of municipal solid waster management / Melvin S. Finstein -- Microbial delsulfurization of coal / Pieter Bos, Fred C. Boogerd, Gijs Kuenen.

Environmental Microbiology In the past decade, the field of environmental microbiology has made significant progress in the struggle against environmental contamination. During this period, molecular genetics has become a valuable source of new techniques for the detection of microorganisms, the degradation of hazardous chemicals, and as a means of safely controlling agricultural pests. Environmental Microbiology offers an in-depth examination of the role of microbiological processes related to environmental deterioration.

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Microbial ecology
Ecología microbiana

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